Lift Kit Help

ATTENTION: To get you the proper lift kit we need to know about your cart.

Club Car: On all 2003 & 2004 DS models CHECK THE HUBS on your cart and see if you have PLASTIC OR STEEL DUST COVERS.

For Jake's Lift Kits

1982-1996.5 Gas you need Jake's Part # 6230 Spindle Lift / Jake's Part # 7465 for Double A-Arm Lift

1996.5-2004.5 Gas & 1982-2004.5 Electric w/ Steel Dust Covers you need Jake's Part # 6231 Spindle Lift / Jake's Part # 7461 for Double A-Arm Lift

2004.5 & Up Gas & Electric w/ Plastic dust covers you need Jake's Part # 6234 Spindle Lift / Jake's Part # 7463 for Double A-Arm Lift

EZGO TXT made several steering mechanism changes in the later half of 2001. If you have a 2001 model, one of the easiest ways to tell if you have an early or late model is to look at the steering column where it bolts to the floor of your golf cart.

Early models (1994.5 - 2001.5) have only 3 bolts mounting the column to the floor.

Later models (2001.5 - 2009) have 4 bolts mounting the column to the floor.

EZGO RXV Electric Check your rear shocks lower mount to see which one you have

EZ-GO RXV 2008- Mid 2013 Electric Models #7217 (Rear Shocks with a round eyelet mount on the bottom)
EZ-GO RXV Late 2013 & Up Electric Models #7506 (Rear Shocks with a straight stud mount on the bottom)

Yamaha used a front A-arm suspension for all the G1 thru G21 models. In 2003 Yamaha came out with the G22 model and then in mid 2007 they changed the body style and came out with the G29 or also known as the Drive model.
Both the G22 and the G29-Drive models used a solid front axle with a spindle. You will need to locate your serial number from the frame of your Yamaha to find the proper G model of your golf cart.

You can also Click What Year Is My Yamaha to help locate the correct model

If you need help choosing the right lift kit,

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