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0-1k Ohm Series Programmable Controllers
0-1k Ohm Series Programmable Controllers

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Product Code: CON-AXE-0-1K-OHM

Yamaha G-9,14,16.......Alltrax AXE Programmable Electronic Speed Controllers, 24-48V, 300-650A, for 0-1K Ohms Throttle Input. For Series Wound Motor. The AXE line is programmable for a wide variety of throttle inputs.

Yamaha has used the 0-1k Ohm throttle input in later G8 models as well as G9, G14, and G16 model golf carts.

The Alltrax AXE is one of the electric vehicle industry leaders in performance and quality. The AXE line is also water-proof and offers a 2 year warranty. This line is offered to gain superior performance at a reasonable cost and includes a programmable feature. This is a must for carts with motor upgrades, back seats, lift kits, larger wheels and tires

Features include:

  • Programmable using PC or Laptop
  • Free software download
  • Available in 300, 400, 500, & 650 Amp Versions
  • Integrated anodized heat-sink with multi bolt pattern for flexibility
  • Fully encapsulated epoxy fill - environmentally rugged design
  • Waterproof · Corrosion Proof · Vibration Proof
  • Produces 60% LESS Heat that a stock controller
  • "Plug Brake" option available
  • 1/2 Speed reverse
  • Reverse Beeper Output
  • Full 2 Year factory warranty - PLEASE READ

Another great feature available with the AXE controller is "PLUG BRAKING"

Plug braking is not the same as regenerative braking used with REGEN motors. Plug braking is a safe way to slow down a vehicle with a series motor when the motor direction is reversed. Without plug braking, if the operator reverses direction while the vehicle is in motion, the armature will lock up. With plug braking, the vehicle must comes to a halt before the armature will reverse direction. This is a great feature to protect the motor from damage. This option runs $25.00 more & is worth every penny.

Please choose your controller & Plug Brake option above

  • AXE-4834 300 Amp-0-1k Ohm - $304.95(Not for stock motor on lifted carts)
  • AXE-4844 400 Amp-0-1k Ohm - $367.95(Not for stock motor on lifted carts)
  • AXE-4845 400 Amp-0-1k Ohm - $390.95 (Long Case)
  • AXE-4855 500 Amp-0-1k Ohm - $489.95 (Long Case)
  • AXE-4865 650 Amp-0-1k Ohm - $559.95 (Long Case)

Speed Controllers (higher the amps the more torque)

The basic facts about upgrading controllers is if you upgrade from a stock 275A controller may not increase the speed,but it will increase torque. Torque is basically the pulling power of the motor, the higher the current the more torque. Upgrading from the stock 275A controller to a 400A controller will nearly double the torque.

Things to watch out for when upgrading

When upgrading to a high performance controller there are still some common areas that may limit the performance as well as may damage your new controller..

  • Make sure the controller is rated for the battery voltage (36 volt / 48 volt)
  • If changing the battery voltage, make sure the charger and solenoid are rated for that voltage.
  • Install properly rated battery bus fuses
  • With 400A and above controllers the battery & motor cables needs to be upgraded from the stock #6 Gauge to minimum of #4 or #2 Gauge cable.
  • When using a high current controller, be aware a stock motor may not be able to handle the heat generated. Going from a stock 275A controller to a 600A, the amount of heat generated in the motor will go up about 5 times compared to a stock controller.


As with anything a little knowledge with PC's & understanding the characteristics of your electric motor set up is needed to program your new controller. We can pre-program your AXE to your specs for you, or you candownload the free softwaredirectly from our web site and can change many variables through this software using a simple serial cable to connect the controller to your computer.

If you would like us to program your controller for you, please"Click Here"and fill out our questionnaire form & hit the submit button at the bottom.

LED Status Indicator:
The LED located on the front of the unit provides status of the units operation and used for troubleshooting.

The LED Blink Codes occur at power up, the number of green blinks indicates the throttle configuration:

  • 1 Green LED flash = 0-5 kohm resistive
  • 2 Green LED flashes = 5K-0 ohm resisitive
  • 3 Green LED flashes = 0-5 Volt
  • 4 Green LED flashes = EZ-GO inductive (ITS)
  • 5 Green LED flashes = Yamaha 0-1K ohm resistive
  • 6 Green LED flashes = Taylor-Dunn 6-10.5 Volt
  • 7 Green LED flashes = ClubCar 5k-0 ohms, 3-wire throttle

Normal display status:

  • Solid Green: Controller ready to run
  • Solid Red: Controller in programming mode (using Controller Pro)
  • Solid Yellow: Controller throttle is wide open, controller is supplying max output, and is not in current limit.

Trouble Shooting:
Error code display:# of RED blinks indicates any error conditions that might

  • 1 Red = Throttle Position Sensor Over Range. Check for open wires.
  • 2 Red = Under Temperature. Controller below -25C
  • 3 Red = HPD. Throttle hasn't gone to zero during this power on cycle.
  • 4 Red = Over Temperature. Controller over 95C
  • 5 Red = Not used
  • 6 Red = Battery Under Voltage detected. Battery V < under voltage slider
  • 7 Red = Battery Over Voltage detected. Battery V > over voltage slider

If you need help in deciding which controller is best for your application, please give us a call. East Coast Custom Golf Carts cannot be held responsible if you order the wrong controller for your application.

Also as with any electrical product, before purchasing any Alltrax controller, please read theAlltrax Warranty Statementcarefully. Warranty is for DEFECTIVE products only. East Coast Custom Golf Carts cannot be held responsible if you damage the controller.

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